Single Site Concurrent Renovation Projects
by NuVision Construction

Hail Damage
June 2011 Hail Storm in Hinckley damaged many roofs. Below is hail damage to window trim. The roofs to both home and barn were seriously dented and dinged.
To the right is the new roof on the house and barn
with a few additions/changes made at the same time.

The pitch of the old roof wasn't correct
so that was fixed during re-reroofing,

Windows were added to the front of the barn
for light and ventilation.

Existing Deck Covered
With the roof being redone thanks to hail damage a few other upgrades were added.
New Velux electric skylights replaced their 20 year old predecessors.
One skylight was moved to accomodate the addition of a roof over the existing deck.

The kitchen skylight had to move
to make room for the roof over the deck.

Looks like there's room for a TV above the kitchen window.

Don Kizys at the end of the day,
discussing plans for tomorrow
No more fighting over the shady spots! With the addition of a simple sunshade on the SW side,
the deck will now be comfortable for everyone.

A Complete Renovation to the Master Bath
was already planned and got underway at the same time as the roof replacement project.
The owner saw a picture of a shower with a creek pattern up the sides which inspired this design.
The pebbles flow into a "pool" on the shower floor. The rest of the shower
and the entire bathroom (walls and heated floor) are an Italian tile.

Angel, the "tile artist"...
The inspiration for this shower...

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